We manage the search, assessment and professional relation setting with your future employees

At taltica we are experts in recruitment for all types of professional vacancies. We become ambassadors of your brand through the way we treat candidates during your hiring processes.

We design talent acquisition materials, inbound recruiting strategies, employer branding, digital candidate management as well as all kinds of material to increase or improve your candidate experience.

We offer our clientes the possibility of managing their succession plans, talent calibrations or managing any activity related to their employees internally or externally in their organisations.

We develop onboarding programs in companies so that your new employees do not have integration problems or delays and, this way, we become the business partner that assures your team retention.

Through our digital platform we carry out assessments to candidates or employees so that you can discover both their potential and their improvement opportunities.

We have our own competency model and can perform 360 assessments of any candidate or employee.

We design all kinds of professional test to be managed digitally.


We develop your employees talent through our tailored programs both online and face-to-face

We develop experiential seminars to enhance your organisation leadership capabilities.

We carry out LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshops where your training group will work on corporate values, mission, vision, strategy or any other relevant subject in your organisation.

We carry our conflict management workshops with MBTI® as well as leadership audits to enhance managerial quality of your organisation.

We develop stress reduction workshops through mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) enhancing your employees well-being in the company.

We adapt training modality to our client’s requirements, being able to develop it face-to-face or in a remote way (totally or partially) with our virtual campus. In case of confinement we can carry out streaming training

All our staff are accredited by Coactive Training Institute, Trivium – LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® or The Myers Briggs company.

Project Management

We manage change in your organisation so that it becomes more effective showing a better climate

We do people project management using Project Management Institute methodology.


Our intervention can be specific -policies, procedure improvement, new HR tool creation- or generalist with dedicated own resources (Interim management) in more strategic areas such as human resource digitalisation, M&A projects, compensation and benefits, labor agreement bargaining technical support, etcetera..

We develop financial management control programs applied to HR function both at a systematical level in day-to-day and in specific contexts such as negotiation processes, situations or collective bargaining. 


If you company needs to start up operations in Spain we manage the end-to-end project (creation of legal entity, support to choose CPA and payroll and safety servicies, recruitment of new employees in the country, facility management and search, etcétera.

Our consultants have many years of experience in the human resources field and can offer high added value and tailor made solutions to your corporate needs that will support your business model.

We perform an outplacement program with those employees who have been restructured in your organisation and we fast forward their return to the labor market.